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Re: Questionable Content

I think maybe it's one thing to keep a video of a seminar in the dojo's private library for students to check out, but another to post stuff on the web, especially without explicit permission. Whether it's legal or not perhaps shouldn't be the question. The bigger question might be how offended will the sensei be if we post this stuff, and will he refuse to teach here again if he is? Bigger still is the damage it might do to a dojo's reputation with other potential seminar instructors if word gets around that you didn't have permission and you posted it anyway.

And I think something else to consider is whether this guy is making his living doing this, or if he just does seminars for fun money. If I know a teacher's primary income is from their seminars, I'd probably be more willing to shell out for an official video and less likely to want a bootleg, especially if the video price was fair.
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