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Re: The use of weapons

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Thanx for taking time to explain further. Much appreciated
No problem - it's tricky especially if you come from a different perspective.

So it is not in fact irimi, but a 'tight' form of tenkan. We practise a form where tori 'takes' the center and deflects the bokken of aite. Tori in this case does not (should not) move away from the center line.
Unless I misunderstand your terminology something along these lines is demonstrated at about 4:40

The training material was meant for bokken being practise instrument of the shinken and basically there is no difference in handling them.
Bokken is simply safer in practise, especially when 'searching'/'exploring'.
Not sure if this is a statement about your own practice. My take here is that bokken is not a safe substitute for shinken but rather a weapon and a tool for self development in itself.

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