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Re: what would you have done?

It sounds to me like this sad woman was not at all interested in what is best for you. Rather, it sounds like there is possibly one of the following reasons behind it:

i) You are either higher graded than her and/or more talented and she is jealous of you and wants to make up for it by making you feel bad.

ii) Is she involved with some kind of weight program where people have to pay for food supplements, advice, etc? She could be in it for the money.

iii) She has a very sad life and only feels better if she can make others feel as bad as she does.

In any way, this has got nothing to do with you, so donīt even think about it! Forget it asap!
If it was your well-being that she is interested in (as she stated) then she would have offered advice regarding your health problems, maybe even from that ex-husband of hers (who probably is her EX-husband for a reason.... ).

Any serious health advisor/dietician knows about all the different illnesses/problems that can cause someone to be overweight, and - I repeat - any serious health advisor/dietician would first of all enquire if the patient/person was suffering from any of these, as they can not only make losing weight difficult, but in some cases even dangerous. She is clearly NOT one the "serious" and educated advisors.

Try and forget about her as soon as you can, you only give her and her energy power over you by carrying her sh** around with you.
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