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Re: what would you have done?

You don't have to explain yourself to anybody. You did'nt have to give her a break down of what your plate consists of. There are ways to say things to people, and some people just don't know how to do it in a respectful manner. I battled weight a lot when I was younger. Kids can be very mean, so I understand on a level atleast where you are coming from. The thing is, people telling you that you are over weight is not generally a motivator to lose weight. Often, it makes it worse. Its something that you have to decide within yourself to do. Whether its medical or just bad eating habits. Regaurdless, it was very distasteful of her to try to get you to lose weight in that manner. If she were truly concerned for you, then she would have found a much more pleasant way of doing it. As far as thinner people being healthier, its very sad the images women are subjected to as "skinny" when in fact, a lot of times they are underweight for their height! Skinny and fat are relative things.

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