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Re: Injuries in aikido

Alec Corper wrote: View Post
Hello Peter,
I hope you are well. I would like to ask you about "rule 1". This has always struck me as strange since most aikido folk couldn't deliver a lethal blow, never having trained that way. What is your understanding of this based upon your translation?
This is akin to the (for me) unsourceable "atemi is 70% of aikido in a real encounter". I increasingly train on this basis but not by grafting on inappropriate strikes from other arts but by examining the natural flow within every technique. Probably a little thread hijack, apologies
Hello Alec,

Many thanks for the mail. Actually, I have go into hospital later this week and for this reason I did not come to your part of the world earlier this month. I have a heart problem and I have been told that it needs attention.

I think I remember reading somewhere in the Saito volumes that atemi is 70% (always plus or minus) in a 'real' encounter. When I come out of hospital, I will do the same for Rule 1 that I did for Rule 6 and look at how Kisshomaru adapted it to postwar conditions. It probably needs a new thread, which I will start.

Best wishes, and I hope you are well.


P A Goldsbury
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