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Re: Benefits of the Aikikai

I'd like to introduce you to another international aikido organisation, it has all of the major tick boxes and then some. The headmaster is of Japanese origin, it is remarkably flat in structure, though if you listen for a while you will recognise the shihan. Membership is easy, and there is a gold star if you are financial. Participation is easy and many a hiden about the art, the founder or some new insight is revealed. There is tremendous access to teachers, to question and also opportunities for seminars.

Aikiweb, Soke Aikiyama's creation has a light yoke and transcends many boundaries. In part the future that is suggested to arrive in 10-20 yrs time is already here. It has fostered for the large part open sharing (and questioning) and so much more. Sustaining, I suspect many in their quiet practice of the art throughout the world.

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