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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Mateusz Matusiak wrote: View Post
@Dave de Vos : So what internal art are you practising at the moment ? Who are you following (if that is not a secret) ?
It's not a secret at all!
I would be talking about it all day long, if I thought anyone would be listening. My wife stopped listening long ago

I practise aikido and I also follow Dan Harden, but he does not teach aikido.

He doesn't really teach a particular art that I am aware of, but I think it can be characterized as based on aiki as an internal martial principle, a principle that can be found in the origins of several japanese martial arts, which probably originates from chinese internal arts. I'm no expert in all this, but there are lots of topics here on aikiweb and elsewhere about its history and the connection to aikido through O Sensei.

In his seminars, Dan teaches us to train in a way that will gradually build internal power for any martial art, not just for internal arts / aiki arts. Many of his students have a background in aikido and/or internal arts, but there are also students from other martial arts. Some of his students are fighters or weapon art students. I'm in it to become a good aikidoka, one that's soft and subtle, yet irresistible!
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