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Re: Problems in a dojo

Ron gives some good advice. On the presumption you are following reasonable dojo etiquette, then invite the guy for a beer after class to see where his head is. After all, dojo etiquette should end at the mats edge and you are equals last time I checked in the U.S. If the guy is a prick off the mat as well as on the mat then either ignore him on the mat (yes you can politely refuse to practice with him) or find another dojo. You run into people like that sometimes who for some reason lack something in the rest of their life and think that because they have achieved more proficiency in technique than lower ranked students, it makes it okay for them to not have any proficiency in human relations. (generally called being d*ck). Just because you are a lower ranked student than this person, doesn't give him or her the right to treat you like a piece of trash.
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