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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Problems in a dojo

There really isn't enough information to give any useful advice. That is kind of the problem with this particular sub-forum, but it is what it is...

Maybe invite the guy for a beer, ask him to help you (nicely) understand his point of view, and get back to training? If that doesn't work, maybe leaving is the only option.

The only time I personally remember anyone of my dojo mates being mad enough to knock some sense into me, was when I was cranking like crazy on his joints to get a waza to work, when he was actually trying to help me learn by providing useful resistance. I was a bit thick at the time...who knows why.

We actually get along just fine, he's one of my favorite training partners and seniors, and the instructor made sure everyone was satisfied and there was no issue. I made it clear that I was in the wrong, and that was the end of it. If that's not what is happening where you are, I guess I'd have to consider not staying there.

Ron (it was really cool when he was throwing me later that night...felt like I was being launched from a 747! Wheeeeeeee!)

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