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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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You bring up a good point - how you are organized does affect the other guy's perception of you. I think back to descriptions I've heard of sword duels where one opponent admits defeat because the other "has no openings".
Quite an interesting thing to feel and to face. It is not something that is happenstance or luck, nor is it relegated to technique and timing. Most will struggle all their lives and yet never attain it. It will remain the ghost it was at the beginning all the way to the end for the pursued the wrong things.

Heaven/earth/man yet again (early 1500's) :
Tsukahara Bokuden
Founder of Shinto ryu
Founder of Hitotsu -tachi (one strike school):
After confining himself to Kashima shrine for one thousand days of meditation noted:
Swordsmanship can be divided into three spheres;
The advantage of the heavens
The advantage of the Earth
The combination of the earth and the heavens (manipulated by man)
This is the secret of Hitotsu-tachi

Happy new Year
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