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Re: What do you think about the combat orientated styles?

Thanks everyone for your opinion! I can see that most have little time for these aspects, fair enough, each to their own :-) I see much value in Lenny Sensei's work despite him sometimes saying controversial things. He works hard and is extremely transparent and generous with his teaching, free on YouTube. I really respect that. It has been interesting to recently learn that Tenshin Aikido (what Lenny Sensei teaches), isn't a separate Aikido style but a slightly different way of looking at classic Aikido. Apparently Tenshin Aikido is graded under AikiKai? It looks similar to classic Aikido to me despite the Uke attacks being made more combat orientated, the interesting hand deflections and some slightly changed throws, like for example the abridged Iriminage (goodness I'd hate be the Uke recieving a full strength abridged Iriminage). Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

Thank you Igor for the information regarding Real Aikido™, I had no idea about those things, thankyou for making me aware, I will not search for information on that anymore - I am not a fan of self grading and those kinds of controversies. Furthermore I shall have a look at that Facebook group Thankyou.
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