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Thumbs up Re: What would you do if someone attacked you in the street?

Funny how anyone who trains for any period of time ultimately never has these kinds of thoughts any more. I recently attended a seminar of Joe Thambu ( a great Aikidoka by the way) and at the end he ask if there were any questions. Of course the only questions came from beginner students, not to say that they weren't relevant questions but for those of us that have trained for a long time, the idea of having to fight or questioning whether you will be able to simply disappears along with the questions. I think we have banished the thoughts, given in and simply turn up to training.

If something ever did happen, one would hope an unconscious reflexive action would take place. however, the heightened sense of awareness that comes when you train will allow you to judge scenarios sooner, thereby avoiding the conflict in the first place (even the seemingly random ones).
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