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Re: Possible Copyright Violation?


I returned home a few minutes ago and found that Niall had posted them in a post on the Ki is Kindness thread.

I downloaded the PDF file and found, as Ellis did, that there is no indication of who made the translations and where the original Japanese texts are.

In my own contributions to AikiWeb, citing the utterances of Morihei Ueshiba, I have always been very careful to indicate the source, with dates of publication and page references. The two main collections are Aiki Shinzui, Takemusu Aiki, and a collection of doka translated by John Stevens and published by Kodansha. There are also random quotations in Kisshomaru Ueshiba's books, of which there is invariably a Japanese original.

I second and fully support the sentiments expressed by Ellis in regard to Stanley Pranin.

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