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Re: Possible Copyright Violation?

I know for a fact that Stan has a lot of material that could be published, including films of aikido greats, if he had the money to edit them properly. There is also a lot of written material that could see the light of day if he could afford the translation.

Maybe he would if all the people who viewed the Osensei tapes on the web - instead - bought his videos. One can read all the old AikiNews articles, I believe, through a nominal membership fee to Aikido Journal.

As I said, I do not know the legal ramifications of compiling a PDF of quotes from another's magazine. It just hit me that Stan is someone that people should be far more grateful to. Without his work - which he often did at a loss - and sometimes at personal cost as well, a lot of the current discourse on aikido, much less aikido and Daito-ryu and internal strength would not be possible. He deserves respect for what he's done - and to me, this means some extra care in considering how we use his work.

Ellis Amdur

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