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Re: Supplement teaching with books?

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
When asked, "Are you writing a book?" Kurita Sensei replied:
"No, that's a lie! Today we were doing tenkan. You've been
practicing tenkan for so many years and you still can't do
If a book shows you something like this you can
...never learn it. If you studied with Kanai Sensei for so many
years and you can't do it how will you learn it from a book?"

exert from interview with Kurita Sensei by Peter Bernath and David Halprin
That might be more of a reflection on the interviewers Aikido ability than the value of a book :-)

The article is very interesting, Kurita sensei's dislike of books appears to be that he felt you could not snapshot any aikido technique and say this is how XX technique should be done, as there are so many variations on application over teacher and over time.

I have read a few aikido technique books and honesty they were really hard to follow, I just couldn't visualize the movements from the complicated feet/hand/arrow drawings. Videos on the other hand work for me. I never got into the philosophy stuff.
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