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Re: Banned from Aikido...

Hi, ok so your Instructor or someone has banned you from Aikido. I do not know whether this is in general (which they cannot do) or just from their club (which they can do so long as you have broken a code of conduct or something); anyway your post states you were banned because you said you wanted to "street fight with a bird on the net".

1. Your post is somewhat ambiguous; you have left us with no true explanation of the account you are referring to and are expecting us to fill in the blanks and make a post based on the limited information you have provided. You need to give us the whole story. No one can truly make any kind of statement about this without the back info.
2. Regardless of the context in which you were speaking, it is a fairly common thing for a new student to the Martial Arts (i.e one who has not started their spiritual journey) to make statements such as the one you are referring to; you will learn that a street fight isn't something you want or will look forward to, but something that is in fact very distressing and negative on your life and others included in the altercation.
Finally 3. Before you make any posts, you should think about what they may be saying about you. Your comments in the forum will trigger a wide array of comments and thought, some of it positive and some not quite so much, what you post can and does believe it or not have an effect of people, like the ripples from a pebble dropped into water. You should consider what you are saying before you post it, a mindful post is far more respected and inclined to have a deeper and more meaningful conversation to it that everyone who reads truly will benefit from, rather than a misguided rant of a rash and lost individual who seems to be posting because they have nothing better to do.
All posts on here provide us with the opportunity to learn; I would not want anything to think I am trying to say this or any post was not welcome, but a post that has had even a small amount of thought considered towards it is richest in its yield.
I hope you find what you are looking for John Robinson, and if I can offer any guidance, I am but a message away. Peace be with you.
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