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Mike Sigman
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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Erick, I don't disagree with your discussion about torsional stresses and what they are, no more than I disagree with what tensegrity is and how it could be applied in a general way to the human structure. If tensegrity holds true (and it does, *in a general sense*), then by default so do torsional and shear stressors... in a general way. But it's true only in a descriptive sense, not explicatively. As a matter of fact, the whole qi paradigm is actually explicative... it's failing lies in that it is not predictive and hence Scientific Method stumbles at that point. So I say in response to you, yes there are usages of shearing and other forces involved in human movement... but what does that tell us about how to do it and so on?

But to get back once again to the point I made.... Mark Murray has not clarified the question about directions, so at this moment we're just speculatively dissecting his opinion of how things work. Maybe he can explain his comment about directions and we can have an even more productive discussion. Maybe what he said was just an offhand opinion that he's later reconsidered and isn't able to defend logically. Who knows?


Mike Sigman
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