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Re: Ki Aikido - quote from Gleason Sensei

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Hello Jason
I never said I couldn't dial it back did I? In one place I said it was difficult, in another I said it was boring to do so, in another I said (as Chris notes) that it is difficult because it is just being alive.
As far as dialing back; I did it last night while teaching in an aikido dojo, I even took ukemi of a sort; I didn't fall over and there was just no way they could ever actually throw me.

The other aspects that Chris is talking about are innate, you don't really think of how you feel till someone tells you that you feel like a tank. The way I "turn that off" is to flex and stiffen certain parts of my body, so I feel lighter.
No you definitely never said that and I would have been foolish to think you could not. I understand what both you and Chris are talking about in regards to it just being part of you. I'm not there yet, but I can see the progression. The connections come a lot faster than they did just a few months ago. Some of the guys here don't seem to have to think about it or feel for it at all, it's just there. I look forward to that too. I'm just thinking out loud in regards to aikido and reintegrating this stuff back into it. If one wanted to do that and keep things familiar, I think the methodology that Ueshiba was shooting for would work, accepting that all the needed factors were in place and that methodology requires one to dial it back to the level of the people you're working with. With more skilled people there are, as you know, a multitude of directions one could go from there.

Now I can tell you, try as I might, when going full speed in kata with a myriad of weapons it is extremely difficult to dial it back to fit-in. And in truth the only way I can get that "light feel" the fellow was for, is too actually use...too much muscle!
Why would I want to do that to myself and screw up the body I am jealously trying to build?
I can understand this, but again I was just being aikido-y in my reply, fitting it into that paradigm which requires that give and take. If every aikido dojo only had a certain type of person in it, this probably wouldn't be needed, but you gotta go with what you've got so I'm just thinking along those lines. I hope my questions don't come off sounding like statements more than just questions. I dont know enough for that. I'm just not afraid to ask questions and throw ideas out there. I enjoy the discusion.

To answer your excellent question about the teachers I teach and how it might cause problems for them.
I have done a series of national seminars with teachers- I just did one a few weeks ago with Shihan and senior teachers from all over. No one knows who or where and no one ever will. My opening comment to the group was "I don't want to read about this on the internet. Take a long look at me, because if I hear about someone putting this on the net, it will be the last time you see my face-you're out." I could be a very different guy and this could be a very different effort, Jason. I think this approach is best for now. on the one hand, it is an effort of public exposure, drawing attention to the topic, but on the other hand, a private one in expanding, forwarding, and in a VERY serious and meaningful way, supporting, and protecting, the teachers learning it till they are ready to make the choice to go public.
I am sensitive to the needs and also the pottential repercussions of stepping outside. One fellow just returned from his own training camp and told his teacher (real heavy weight) what he was doing. That he was trying to bring aiki back into Aikido, and saw the look in his teachers eye. Guess what? It was well received. The teacher said "Very good!"
So all is not as bad or potentially damaging as it seems. I continue to have hope that more and more are going to get it and spread it.
I never quite thought of it from that angle before Dan, but it makes perfect sense. I don't fault you or anyone for wanting to protect what you worked hard to get and continue to work had to pass on and that definitely sounds like a safer way to go about it.

It's good to hear that the powers that be are more open minded than I would have given them credit for being. I'm going to be in the same situation as the fellow you mentioned above next week and I expect a similar reaction. It all fits too well, too logically, for it to be stubbornly ignored, but the bigger something gets, the slower it moves and the more resistant it is to change. I have similar hopes as well.

If not, maybe Anderson Silva will kotegaeshi Sonnen and save us the effort!
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