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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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Well thats -your- view. Apparently many within aikido who have felt it-completely dissagree with you.
As an Aikidoka I left and found it in Daito ryu. Yet It works perfectly fine in Aikido. Why not? It's where it came from.
I am sorry, it is my view and it was something you asked of Aikidoka. I gave it. I like Aikido as it is. It may be great for others to add after market their Aikido, but I don't find Aikido lacking. I guess you did, and you looked somewhere else for what you lacked that was to your satisfaction. But everyone does things the same to get results. Some people are left handed and they have problems in the right handed world with some things, and they have to adjust. Maybe that was your situation, maybe your like a left hander, who found what you needed for your adjustment. And there are other "left-handers" that can benefit from your experience.

I find Aikido is fine just the way it is, cause am still learning and am not at a level where finite tweaking, and splitting hairs matters. Maybe someday, but not today. Aikido like I said is vast, unlike many things there are no instant solutions. Aikido is like golf, a difficult game, and no matter what new designed clubs you have, or what real or virtual lessons you take it really all boils down to the player. A trendy new driver isn't going to make you a good golfer if your not. Nor is all the tips in the world going to improve your swing. It is up to you, the golfer, to get out and play the course and develop your skills. Golf is a frustrating and challenging game, like Aikido is an art. Golf is a complete sport as Aikido is a complete art.

Nothing is going to make you instantly better at your game,there is not that special piece of knowledge that will instant to really improve your handicap. Sure a tip here or there will help, but it really doesn't make an amateur into a pro. It just helps marginally, it will only at best take a few strokes off your game. Well if your me two strokes off my game is cause for me to jump up and down in scream for joy.

Internal skills, golf is full of them. Golf is the aiki sport. Maybe people who are looking to improve their Aikido should take up golf, take some lessons and play. Or keep working at Aikido until it happens.

I think if someone is looking to find something they feel they lack in Aikido, maybe what they lack has nothing to do with Aikido. It might have to do with themselves. They may need to be taught differently, not that there is any special hidden knowledge out there that someone has and is teaching it, but rather they are not comprehending what they are being taught in the traditional manner and feel they need outside help - Aikido principles told to them in a different way. They might do well with a good tutor. Or need to learn golf, or something like that. There are lots of ways to improve your Aikido outside of Aikido. I just prefer to stick with Aikido and not go outside of it. I don't blame those who go outside and I expect not to have a finger wagged at me for not going outside of Aikido, because I have faith and confidence in Aikido, and myself.

Please explain part
What is "it" my apology, but I need more details on what "it" is. Cause I don't understand the disagreement you mention.

My apologies once again, I am confused, you didn't find it in Aikido and found "it" (?) in Daito ryu, and "it" works in Aikido? Then with a rhetorical question you follow with a contradicting with what you said above that. Your last statement is really vague, I think I know what your saying, but I don't want to assume it.

I don't write the clearest things in the world either. It would be great if you would humor me and ease my confusion my helping me out and providing more details and stuff

thanks in advance.

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