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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Datamike
what do you mean by odd moves?
Atemi is always done with a fist, with the middle finger slightly upward from the others.
With the middle knuckle extended is actually the traditional way to do it. Straight out of Daito Ryu. It's intended for quick shots to vulnerable areas like the eye, temple, ear, ribs, etc. It's not for a power-punch to the jaw.


Then there are odd places to put your arm, like in one technique I had to straighten my arm horizontally when I was grabed by the shoulder. [snip]
Then there was sankyo which really bothered me 'cause when taking the sankyo hold, I was to place my hand (holding the sankyo) on check and bend slight forward. The technique worked great and it was actually easier than the last one I had learned, .....
Sounds like the instructor is Iwama influenced if not mainstream Iwama. Give it a chance. It may seem strange to you right now, but it's very well-known and has a reputation for being very solid.


Greg Jennings
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