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Re: New teacher & style

Hi Tomi,

I practice A´kido since 4 years ago, and I knwon 3 regular teachers and others temporary.
In fact, My first teacher - Serge Cruz - is a school teacher. In february 2001, It was transfered to a school located in "Nouvelle CalÚdonie" in a small island very far from France. For the beginners, he was faboulous. He explained us very well (as a "teacher" ). In addition, Serge trained every week in the N. Tamura Sensei's dojo and so he learned us what he had been learned with Tamura.
When Serge was left, The club had any teacher. Before his departure, Serge asked to his own first teacher to train. Bob Van laere is Sandan in Aikido and 6eme Dan in Judo and Jujitsu. But Bob is aged and following a Judo hurt, he has a hip prosthesis and so his mobility is very reduced. I like Bob very much for his personnality, his wisdom and his great heart. But his A´kido style is very different of the Serge's one. His A´kido technics are mixed with Judo and Jujutsu technics. The preparation at the course beginning was more a sport warm-up (no breath exercise, few ukemi training, any weapon training, and so on). So, I wasn't comfortable with his A´kido style that I found too "hard" with strenght use. It was an interesting experience for me to see another A´kido style and I thank Bob for his teaching, but this style doesn't meet with me.
Hopefully, several teachers (of dojos around mine) came sometimes in our dojo. Their style was closer at the Serge's style, and so, of the Tamura sensei's style.
Today, Bob, because of his health problems, stops to teach. At the season beginning, we had any official teacher. For keeping the dojo open, the more regular practioneer continued to train in the dojo, and it was ours recently shodan who teached.
Today, a sandan is coming in our dojo and we ask him to perform the training. His style is very interesting, very fluid, soft. But for the beginner, it is hard to understand the technics because he has never teached before, and so he has some difficulties to explain the technics to the beginners.

As you can see, I had several teachers with different styles. All these experiences was very interesting and need to adapt our practice to this different styles. A´kido is also the adaption capability with a situation.
But I think that the important is that you are happy in your practice. If you are not comfortable with your new teacher and his style, maybe you could think to go in another dojo with a style which meet better with you.


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