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Re: Ukemi's a little ruff

I agree with the thought "give it time". I had a non-aikido injury about 18 months ago with a similar story.

I also rock climb and took a fall that tore all of the tendons/ligaments out of my left ankle. It was a good 2-3 months before I could even start climbing again and when I did go back and got back into the swing of things I felt I was doing things "the same as before" but I wasn't climbing to the level I used to climb before the fall.

I had some friends that had climbed with me for a year or two observe from the ground and realized I was tense on the rocks and not committing fully to some of the more risky moves like I used to in the past.

As I continued climbing though the feel for the rock I used to have came back completely and I am now climbing at a higher level than I was before the fall happened.

I'm sure as you continue to train you will continue to be more comfortable and be able to relax more and before long your ukemi will be as solid as it was in the past.

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