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Re: Direction of Groundpath

David Orange wrote: View Post
Quote (David Orange):
You don't know that when you put your whip energy out, he sends LIGHTNING back. And I'll tell you, when he does that, your feet will leave the ground and it won't be for exercise' sake.
I will take you off IGNORE when you send me a PM telling me you have actually put hands on Ark, Dan or Mike.
What if I say the same things, basically? I don't know why I am responding since you are not listening but how is this different from sticking fingers in one's ears and saying "shiutupshutupshutpshutup ..." ? What if I altered my observations in ways that still don't agree in all points with their respective takes (which have value) on the issue.

If YOU don't know what he is doing with the mechanics of his body, to accomplish what impresses you with his power -- how can you dismiss the possibility that I may know even a little something about how that might work -- just because I studied the human body carefully -- the same as he has. I don't have to be like him or match him in development of physical power to grasp the means by which it is done and to understand and deploy some aspects of it according to my lights. I claim difference, and you see it as a claim of equality or superiority -- when it is just a claim of difference.

More or less powerful I don't know, and it doesn't really matter to the advancement of my understanding that I submit to be duly humbled in the manner you suggest so that I be properly respectful. Maybe I would be humbly and deeply appreciative of being shown the error of my ways -- maybe I would just nod and shrug. It does not matter to me how it would turn out, as I'd learn something either way, I just don't feel a burning need that overcomes my other responsibilities that keep me mostly home.

But somehow it does matter to you, and that is why it is not my problem. I'll offer advice you won't listen to. You are caught in a mimetic trap. You find yourself unable to be as much like them as you wish, and you disdain anyone who takes a non-imitative approach, as though that devalued the models you seek to imitate. The secret is that to exceed them you must ultimately be nothing like them -- you cannot really ever be just like them, and to try diminishes you and your genuinely unique gifts and perspectives.

Me, I think everyone has something to offer me to learn, and if I don't see it yet I have not looked hard enough. Just because I can find things from other people that I find worth looking into on my own, does not mean I need those people to explore those things, Just imitating them means I will always be a paler version of them -- or else a threat to their preeminence if I actually succeed-- which is not healthy for anyone. It also means I will prejudge superiority or inferiority as to a worthy model to imitate before I have even seen what value it may actually have.

I'll miss stuff if I insist on only the best sources or nothing for my lessons. Some lessons are given only once by teachers who don't declare themselves, and we might miss it while being too busy looking for more "worthy" models to merely imitate. It is a cause of real problems in human culture and personal psychology, and no one, myself included, is completely immune.

Bottom line, they are doing useful things -- and all somewhat or even quite a bit different from one another -- I am doing other useful things, differently yet, and six people doing the same exact thing does not advance much in the way of their collective understanding.

Sharing our differing observations in places such as these does, and I will genuinely miss yours.


Erick Mead
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