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Re: Direction of Groundpath

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
In one sense I agree, there is no mystery "energy" involved. Yet in another sense, I do not agree. Stress is a potential of mechanical energy, stored in the material of the structure itself and directly transmitted by it.

The biggest problem I have with your posts is that while they describe something in nature, I've never seen you relate these things in any practical way to the level of human interaction.

You do describe how shear forces affect a structure but you have never (that I've seen) described 1) how you are able to make yourself immune to these forces or 2) how you are able exploit them in another person.

Those are the only two vital topics in this discussion and without addressing those, we might as well attribute everything to "karma" or "the weather" or "the way things are."

The idea that most people in these discussions are working on is how to eliminate these potential shears throughout our own structure and how to direct our energies to collapse or repel the attacker's structure. All the wave-line diagrams are useless unless you can show what you do with your body (which bones, which muscles, etc.) to eliminate shear in yourself and be able to apply force that exploits the shear potential in the other guy.

Without that, it's all abstract intellectualism and has no interest for people who are actually trying to use the principles.

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