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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

I agree with Rob with the exception of losing 80% connectivity under pressure. I haven't met the guy who could pressure me that far....yet.
This was the post I was going to write and then said screw it.

For me IP/aiki is all about it's use in fighting-real and whole.
I don't talk about it much anymore. I'm sick of thousands of words wasted in debate, that always ends up the same in person. So when I read how someone just "wants to add it to his game" I say...uhm...sure, okay. You're going to start over

*Notes on attributes
Practical applied power
less gassing,-less effort to do things
More control of the outcome-they have a bitch of a time controlling you
Knockout power

I am not saying it makes you superman-anyone can get tagged- "S____ happens." So lets not go there either. It offers very distinct and real world advantages to a fighters game Over external movement.

IP /aiki is instantly notable as being a different way to move (it's hard for them to feel where the kicks and punches are coming from as they don't feel the weight shifts, its extremely hard to find our centers to throw or manipulate, and on the whole our bodies feel like hard rubber to hit or try to deal with, and we have knockout power; even on the ground, and there is a very responsive, almost artificially fast feel.

Many MAer's are full of crap and waste of time. They want to "check you out, and check you "off" of their BTDT list. They really don't want it bad enough to give up what they are doing to pursue this. As one recent P/Ker said. "I just don't want to give up the fun I am having and what I am very good at to switch to this type of training." That's cool. But ...I... have better things to do with MY time as well. So those who want to just "add this to their game" need not apply.
It's like taking up Golf at 60. Why would you do that to yourself?

Everyone lives their lives and has their views. Personally, I would never change back...ever! I would never go back to lifting and cardio for fighting power (although I still do cardio and very specific weight drills of a different type) I am living a continuing experiment; a truth, for my own self; IP/ aiki that is practical in all out force-on-force fighting. I have no vested interest in proving it to anyone. So, although I would recommend this type of training to everyone, as I believe it is the best training in the world for MA; I know that most will never do the work. Its just the way it is.
Good luck in your training
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