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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...

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[Basically getting to know and use my body more efficiently. You should see my Thai-boxing kicks... they are horrible! lol]
Not to knock it, since sparring and pressure based training is important, but the mechanics behind a Thai-boxing kick, boxing punch, or any hip, shoulder, rotational move etc, are completely and utterly different from I.P. I.S. based movements. Which means when you finally get down to doing the hard work in rewiring your body, it's going to be a bitch and a half to retrain.

That being said, if you don't have a teacher out in your area to teach actual I.S. ... I'd probably still take the live training anyways.
It's kind of like being caught between being a rock and a hard place.

Ark has a systematic approach to combining those I.S. skills in a a stand-up environment, though it's pared down due to the fact that you're mainly limited to striking with your legs, knees and gloves.

It takes a lot of rewiring to simply get your body to move correctly, and then even more effort to "keep it together" when moving under pressure. Good rule of thumb I've found is that, in the beginning I lost about 80% connectivity under pressure. The 20% I kept made all the difference of course. The more relaxed you are under pressure though, the easier it is to maintain...and that's something you can only get through progressively difficult pressure testing.

Once you start to rewire your body though, throwing a thai kick, punch etc will simply feel "weird" or even "wrong" for lack of a better term
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