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Re: Tsuki Kotegaeshi Ura??

For the omote version, try the following.
Do you best irimi-tenkan entrance and get to the typical position (you should have had the "option" to hit the uke on the way to that place). Tap the striking arm almost like you are dribbling a basket ball. If your entrance is timed well they should still have some power going forward and their arm should bounce just a bit back up from your tap. That is a cool thing to feel, because if you nuture that connection, it will make things a lot easier for you. Avoid grabbing and yanking their arm toward you or pushing it down, instead touch them and drop you hara a bit while you lengthen your arm forward and away from where you are standing. They will start to drop into a hole. (I do this as I'm completing my tenkan). Before they hit the bottom of that hole, "roll" (more like a rocking chair rocks forward really) your hand from hand-blade across your palm towards your thumbnail and continue guiding them forward, down, and now a bit back towards where you are standing. It has to be an arc of you will fight against the motion. If you catch them like this, you can move omote or ura from there without much resistance. I typically start to roll my hand in the oposite direction when I want to start leading them to the position to fall. The main thing is that you basically draw their arm away from their center, and then drive it right back into their center - but steer it away at the last second using your "other hand" (the cross lateral one) so that they fall instead. I hope this makes sense. If not, thanks for trying to follow my crazy verbal explanation. (It's much easier to just show someone and say do it like this.)


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