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Pete Nappier
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well i am an aikido teacher in nc and i have met and trained with lamont. he is no better than me or anyone else. what i mean is he has paid his debt to society and he did wrong . that was a long time ago. i was teaching at the time and a lot of my students ask questions about the incident. i thought then and still do, that it was a shame that someone as good as he was and in the position he was in, throw it all away over a piece of ass! i have had women try to seduce me in my dojo and at seminars, and i have told them straight up that i could not! i was a teacher and as someone before me said...much is expected of me! it was to my understanding that lamont can no longer teach anyone under the age of 18. he has paid his debt ....let it GO!!!! i am upset that he used the good names of two distinctive organazations to better his teaching career, but it is up to them to bring charges against him,not us to be judge and jury. i also feel that we could better use this forum to discuss more important topics!

pete nappier
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