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Re: AIkibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

David Orange wrote: View Post
That looks not unlike the old Shizuoka yoseikan. The big thing Mochizuki Sensei liked, though, was full sutemi randori--an hour or more of nothing but sutemi waza, night after night. After all the general technical practice, he would say, "Okay. Randori." and that meant sutemi randori, usually.

He always stressed that budo meant doing what was necessary, but never doing more than necessary to end the attack or "take the fight out of the attacker." He was a moral person, but not extremely religious like O-Sensei. Still, he revered O-Sensei as both a teacher and a deep friend.

Best to you.

I've heard "take the fight out of the fighter" described as "neutralizing the attack without 'neutralizing' the attacker". And I've also heard aikido described by one of my teachers, Anno Sensei, as an 'art of friendship'. While Anno Sensei formally represents neither one of the traditions mentioned in the thread name, the concepts seem to permeate.

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