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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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No no no, O'Sensei started with the Omoto Kyo in the 1910's well before Mochizuki or Shioda. It was just as important to him then as it was at the end of his life. If any thing actually changed him, it was the war man!
I'm not debating when he entered Oomoto, but rather how it changed Aikido from a combat ready art to an art of PACIFISM. Aikibudo,Yoseikan and Yoshikhan did not adhere to this conversion. They kept to the roots of combat, although they have develop there own variations of. But the fundamentals can still be found.

Mochizuki and Shioda were direct students of Ueshiba and know Aikido better than we do. They passed some combat traditions from the roots of Aikibudo that are not respected by some. It's more of a mentality issue than anything.

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