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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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Ya know, I used to believe that, too, until Peter Goldsbury pointed out the obvious: If you watch the 2nd Doshu's vids or look at his books, ATEMI is everywhere. Where did we get this idea?!

Also, as is often pointed out, Aikikai is an umbrella, not a style. You've just dismissed a whole handful of people. I wonder if Osawa, Arikawa, Kuroiwa, Saotome, Chiba, Shibata, Isoyama et al. weren't all pretty fair scrappers in their time.

SUTEMI--Don't know about the mainstream, but Saotome teaches it on occasion.

Pretty broad boasting here.
It's not my intention to boast, but to revive a history that is ignored.

Shioda Gozo Kancho learned aikido (referred to as "aikibudo" during his earlier years of training) during the pre-war era before WWII. However, Morihei's deep involvment in the esoteric Omoto-kyo of religion and his varied experience later seriously altered the art into something more philosophical minded (and less practical minded) - an approach the Yoshinkan branch did not subscribe to.
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