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I wrote:
No, the goal isn't to cause harm, but if injury happens, so be it.
Jay Peatee (JPT) wrote:
I'll rephase that slightly

"The goal is not to cause harm, but if injury happens it will not be intentional (except in situations where there is absolutely no other option)".
Well, I'll rephrase it more than slightly, since I know what I intended to convey, but apparently didn't.

"The goal, in a self-defense situation when using "aikido technique", is not to cause injury to my attacker, but to defend myself. However, the results of doing will most likely be injury to my attacker.

I do not think that causing injury when you apply a technique is the result of lack of skill. Causing injury when you don't want to (such as while training) certainly is, but that doesn't mean that just causing injury is. Nor do I think that using an aikido technique to cause injury somehow reduces its "aikidoness".

There's nothing inherently contradictory between the principles of aikido and hurting people, even intentionally. If people disagree with me, which I expect at least some to do, I'd like to know what why they think so.

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