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Jay Peatee (JPT) wrote:
For me it is more down to the protective spirit of Aikido. I believe that you can take almost any technique from another martial art and providing you apply it with a bit compassion for Uke & self control (In otherwords no permanent damage to the attacker) then you can call it an Aikido Technique regardless of what it looks like.
I guess I don't buy that protecting the opponent from harm is a necessary or even important part of aikido. No, the goal isn't to cause harm, but if injury happens, so be it. All those lovely, completely harmless techniques in the dojo have very different results when the recipient doesn't know how to receive them.

Even simple and seemingly harmless ikkyo can mess up a shoulder if the person doesn't go with it. I've done it accidentally just goofing around with a friend (the result was just a minor strain with some soreness the next day).

One of the guys in my old dojo got attacked. He did a nice kaiten nage expecting a nice roll. It's easy ukemi after all. Instead, the guy's face slid across the pavement.

No more injury than necessary doesn't mean no injury.

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