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Omoto-kyo Theology... Relevant?

Hi David,

Interesting reading. I'll save my personal comments for whenever we have the chance to meet someday when I am in Los Angeles. I do however have a few questions to which perhaps you can provide short and direct (Read: brief - knowing your writing style, the request is in response to this particular post only) answers. I will post my questions after your previous comments.
David Valadez wrote:
Meaning, if one is not cultivating these virtues and/or generating these drives/capacities in their training, in their practice of Aikido, one's Aikido practice is impotent in terms of operating as a technology of the self as laid out within Omoto-Kyo theology.
I am aware of several tertiary sources that are often quoted, and more often accepted without meaningful question. However, other than any conclusions you or anyone else might draw from the myriad of sources from which you have quoted and considered, do you have a firsthand source (O-Sensei said...) or even second hand source (Someone overhearing O-Sensei saying...) that straightforwardly states, "Aikido is based in any part on Omoto-kyo, theology or otherwise?
David Valadez wrote:
In short, the act is not enough. The act alone remains hollow, empty. The engine for all self-transformation, or self-cultivation, etc., in Omoto-kyo is Ichirei-Shikon. This is the center of every practice. It seems very reasonable to assume that it was the same for Osensei.
Taking for granted (for a moment) that your conclusions are 100% correct (so as to remove the question of if...), How is one to practically (Read: physically) incorporate "Ichirei-Shikon" or any other relevant Omoto-Kyo theology into one's own aikido practice?

I have several follow-up questions, but I do believe those will require answers in your typical length and manner, so I will save them for after I have read the hopefully as requested, brief and terse reply.

Thank you in advance for the time and effort you might put forth in your consideration of, or in your answers to my above questions.

I am looking forward to reading your reply.


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