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Re: Out of breath whilst rolling

Graham, when I started Aikido I faced the same problem. During warming up I soon run our of breath and my heart was beating like mad. In Aiki taiso I also run out of breath and actually had to sit down for a minute or two in order to regroup strength. At first I blamed that it had been ages since I trained any sort of aerobic exercise being a bodybuilder (where anaerobic exercise is mostly the case). Then, with time, as the thing was not getting any better I decided to take a full physical & blood biochemical exam. To my surprise the results showed that my haematocrit had dived well below living standards and as the doctor poetically put it I ought had been dead long ago. I had a haemorrhoid problem that I had neglected for quite some time (eating and drinking like a pig) and at that time I was passing a glass of blood a day! (not joking). After I got the results I spent a week in hospital, was transfused with fresh blood a couple of times and started a sensible diet. The problem diminished, the haematocrit started charging and I was able to return to my Aikido classes without any more problems.
I am not saying there is anything wrong with you, but an occasional blood test on the basics and a cardio ultrasound is never a bad idea. I never did any before I started Aikido but if I had had one I would have established and cured the problem a lot sooner.
A few thoughts...
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