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David Yap
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Reza Kauzar (sanosuke) wrote:
Unfortunately Justin, what I found is that the higher the rank the more arrogant they are, closed their mind to new ideas and advises. This makes me thinking about what I expect to become as a person in aikido? because I have decided to deepen my learning and knowledge about aikido but don't want ending up like those people.

To Ron, I found the same problem also, but what do you mean by the education level of aikidoka is significantly higher than most other martial arts?
Hi Reza,

Musashi had Takuan and others who helped to him to find himself. There is a "Takuan" in each of us - if only we bother to search within orselves.

Most of us martial artists tend to copy our teachers' techniques and we merely copying their physical skills/excellence - over time, this is easy. Copying the inner self - the spiritual self - is difficult. The "Takuan" in you has helped/will help you distinquish the +ve and -ve side of things/personalities that touch your life. Your role is to filter and retain the +ve. Learning is a lifelong process - you learn from your elders, your teachers, your peers, your juniors and even from your ownself. The aim is spiritual -humility, grace and tranquility - this is Budo. The Art does not make the person, the person makes the Art.

Touching on arrogrance - I can say that I have received more injuries from teachers in my years of aikido than in other martial arts.

Touching on Ron's statement - I gather that he meant more intellecture people do Aikido than any other martial arts. IMO, that's just general statement without substance.

Still searching ..


P.S Looking forward to meet up and train with you.
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