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Seriously though like attracts like. Certain types of people get attracted to certain types of training and basically if you walk into a Sport TKD club for instance you will see a very different group of people as your average Aikido dojo.

Is one of the above groups more intelligent than the other, more moral, more full of themselves, more ...... than the other?

One demographic in the above example is clear and that is age. Sure we (the Aikidoists) have young ones and they the TKDoists (can I say that) have older but on average I think we, as a group, tend to be older. Contrary examples aside age does bring a certain mental maturity along with the physical.

Compare us to the general population the age thingy disappears but on the whole we are more active - just by the very idea that we go out and do something (could as well be TKD).

So yeah - a case can be made for a difference. You just have to be very careful what difference you pick and which group you compare yourself to.

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