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Re: Violence against "overly resistive" uke

Clove (and others) - to my mind, this is an illustration of how aikido lost its way. As I write in considerable detail in Hidden in Plain Sight aikido has somehow reversed itself. In fact, UKE (the word means "to receive," is the one being educated in aikido waza and TORI ("the taker") is the one providing the education. The aikido technique is offered to Uke to teach her/him the experience of being attacked-unbalanced-required to respond in a way that either leads one to more integrity or less. Tori's job is to provide an attack in a way that best educates UKE on how to create an 'aiki body' (one able to express takemusu aiki). If TORI is far more experienced than UKE and she is "not moving properly" . . .AKA "resisting," then TORI is responsible to provide an attack that guides UKE in the proper response.

Not by words. Not by scolding. And certainly not by brutal physical actions. But by making their attack 'readable" - this means that UKE's response is a centered counter to TORI's attack (and 'taking a fall') ...jeez, I have to use a lot of quotation a kind of a counter, not a flip-flop rag-doll. In other words, TORI attacks and UKE's response is for the purpose of being a better martial being.

The way of far too much aikido is UKE's response is for the purpose of colluding with TORI in imagining himself/herself in being a better martial being.

BTW - this may be confusing, because we think of the grab or shomen-uchi as the 'attack' - no - ikkyo shihonage, etc is the real attack that UKE learns to forge power against. At a higher level, it should be two UKETORI's inter-relating and mutually forging themselves. But without the preliminary step I have described, such tanren will never occur.
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