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Travers Hughes
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Re: The Path of Learning

Hi Graham, thanks for your thoughts.
I'd like to put out for maximum benefit that your numbers 2) and 3) could (and perhaps should) be changed.
Practice should come before the mental application - that way, you get to check your preconceived ideas from the gathering data phase, test and refine the mental application.
Just looking at the aikido paradigm - I have seen a number of beginners (keeping it gerneal, nothing specific here) do lots of reading, and think they understand based on someone's else's ideas. They think they have it worked out, only to fall down on the actual doing.
Maybe that's why we have issues with our training paradigms - its often noted that as a learning exercise, aikido is far from optimal when compared with other MAs. Maybe we're all thinking too much? (The curse for being an adult sometimes).
Putting it simply (apologies for generalising) the beginning of your framework appears to be Think Think Do - I wonder if Think Do (Re)Think (Re)Do is a viable option? (In essence your step 4).
Look forward to your comments.
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