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Re: "Discrimination".

Sticking with questions about facts, then:

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I.e., in one generation people can pull themselves up to the top of the society in the US.
Who do you have in mind, and how high is the "top?"

When they arrived here, how virulent and long-lasting were the negative beliefs of the existing society towards this group of fast-risers? (For example, Chinese and Irish immigrants both faced hostility and discrimination -- the Chinese for much longer.)

What legal and/or social institutions arose around these beliefs that institutionalized discrimination against these "fast-risers?" (Such as immigration laws, laws relating to owning property or running businesses, segregated and/or poorly funded schools, hospitals, and other institutions, the right to vote, slavery, ....)

Before comparing these situations, doesn't it matter whether these situations are fairly comparable?

Are you trying to throw a wrench into a close-held belief that people are not like animals but are uniformly capable across the species???
Do you have information as to what, say, Jefferson meant by "created equal?" Equal in capacity, for example, as opposed to "equal" according to principles of "natural law?"

There used to be a lot of argument about that in attempts to rationalize it, but ethnic neutral testing seems to indicate that Asians in Asian and emigrants to other countries, not just the U.S. tend to score better than whites and other groups, with the exception of the Ashkenzis Jews.
Citations? I'm particularly interested in the idea that we've developed "ethnic[-]neutral testing," and would like to know what basis existed to conclude the testing was neutral. Is there some peer-reviewed research so concluding? You know the old saying -- GIGO.

I think most blacks in this country are not really derived from blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America...
That's a fairly startling assertion to me -- what is it based on?



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