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Marc Abrams
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Re: "Discrimination".

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
OK, but I don't want the discussion to hinge upon your personal anecdotes, Keith... even as much as I like you.



therein lies the problem. Unless you bring the proverbial mud on your boots to this discussion, all you seem to bring to the table are some ideas, thoughts.... without the real human implications. I think that when can begin to discuss real human implications on this subject area, people's opinions as to why they support and do not support certain measures provide the intangibles that are really necessary when handling a topic such as this.

Keith has shared a real life experience, David Orange has talked openly about his father's role in segregation and how that has effected his perceptions. Ron has shared some of his life experiences. I am more than willing to share my own as well. These intangibles, that you want to somehow avoid, take this topic into the real of real human understanding an not simply some idle intellectual pursuit.

Marc Abrams
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