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Marc Abrams
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Re: "Discrimination".

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
So Marc.... why are you trying to change the topic to being about me personally? Do you have something against me personally, or do you think a good way to make an argument is to shift it to ad hominem? If you aren't interested in the subject at hand, that's fine. If you feel that you have to start a discussion about me personally, there are other ways to do it.


Mike Sigman

I have absolutely nothing against you personally, since I have never met you personally. You know full well that I would love the opportunity to take a seminar taught by you.

I am not trying to change the topic but to shift the focus. The idea of discrimination is one thing. To have personally experienced it adds a layer of reality which is typically devoid in the "clinical discussions" of this topic. As an example, you talked about a "Jewish Quota" at some schools and the "lack of voiced opposition by the liberals." What do you really know of this topic? Do you have any real experience of what it means to be a Jew and confront many different levels and types of anti-semitism? Do you have any real experience of being a black man, woman, or child and facing racist words and actions? Maybe you have experience racism from being a caucasian studying Chinese martial arts?

As an ex-military man, you know full well that there is a difference when a person is talking about military issues and that person had or has mud on their boots (as opposed to no mud on the boots). You raised a topic that is far more than intellectual. Speaking from a convenient place full of facts and ideas is far different than talking about this issue from a place of knowledge.

I, personally, would love to know what your real knowledge is about this subject area so that we can have a discussion based upon real-life issues and implications, rather than ideas, derived from some facts, devoid of real-life experience.


Marc Abrams
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