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Boston School Recommendations

From what I can tell from searching on here and google there are numerous schools for Aikido in boston. That being said it appears many of them are somewhat inconvenient for public transportation.

I've had an interest in Aikido for years and due to life situations began the study of a different art a few years ago which I now regret and would love to make up for lost time...

I live in Brookline, I work and do standup in the city, I want to find a dojo with good instruction, showers/etc facilities, flexible class times, and no 'up sell'. The last art I trained in had forced fees for testing which meant you just bought each belt. I loved training the art but this approach left a very sour taste in my mouth as kids and others were advanced without consideration of the training they had put in and whether they were adequately prepared for the next level. Perhaps as we were all beginners this was less necessary but it still tasted bad to speak.

I've heard great things bout Gleason Sensei in Somerville but it looks like the small dojo run by Randolph Sensei in Chinatown is my best bet in terms of transportation. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/experiences to share?

I'm hoping to narrow it down to 2 by March and start training the 2nd week of March after a couple of intro classes.

Also if you have anything potentially negative to report and don't feel comfortable doing it in a public setting, please PM me and I assure it will not see the light of day past my considerations.

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