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2-on-1arm control from wrestling?

Has anyone played with using a wrestling-style 2-on-1 arm control(*) as an alternative to ikkyo? I just had a lightbulb moment -- I was playing around with the 2-on-1 the other day and noticed that I would end up in the same relative position as with ikkyo ura, with a lot of the same positional advantages. However the 2-on-1 can be done with uke's arm low and doesn't require turning the elbow over.

Seems like it would be a good alternative, say if you mess up your ikkyo. The only thing is that the 2-on-1 seems to require nage to stay in close contact all the way down to the ground, whereas with ikkyo nage stays at arms length. I haven't tried but I can see transitioning to iriminage or sankyo as well as just dropping center and dragging forward on the arm with the shoulder to throw.

*2-on-1: see, or, wrestler in red. The take down from 2-on-1 is here at and continuing

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