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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Zach, what you may have is an uke who prepares for your technique, that is, knows that we are about to practice shihonage (for example) and so gets himself set to resist a shihonage. Ledyard Sensei has an article about this somewhere.

I have a training partner like this, who analyses the technique he knows is coming and figures out how to thwart it before starting his attack. He thinks he is being realistic by providing a committed attack and resistance to the technique, but in truth he is training us both for a situation in which the attacker can read the defender's mind, obviously not a reaslistic situation.

Besides that, when he prepares to fight that one technique, he leaves himself completely defenseless against all manner of other techniques. I am not yet skilled enough to effectively move from one technique into another that smoothly yet, and so he often congratulates himself for having "beaten" me. In reality, he has just deprived both of us of an opportunity to learn.
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