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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

This is a beginners question so please take it as such. I come from an Iwama based Dojo. Sensei always talks about three level of Aikido. Kihon or static, Ki-no-nagare or flowing and Ki or Takemusa (and this may be a bastardization of what he is explaining). We practice all three levels but it is expressed that Kihon is the basic or base of the technique where we learn what a technique is and how it is performed.

My question is should one resist a technique while practicing Kihon? Also should we be altering the attack to meet the ukes energy/attack?

It seems this would defeat the purpose of learning the mechanics and fundamentals of the technique. At this point it seems collusion between Uke and Nage is part of the learning process both in learning the proper ukemi and the proper attack.

We often give verbal cues if a technique is performed incorrectly, especially after repeatedly making the same error. You'll often hear statements like, "you didn't really get my balance there." Or "you left yourself open there." You will on occasion find a point where your technique stalls because your not finding the right angle or your going into a persons power but I wouldn't call it resistance to a technique. As a beginner I'm reluctant to ever resist a technique because what I perceive as a point where the technique is failing is often a failing in my ukemi not the a fault on my partners technique. Typically, I have lost connection not the other way around.
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