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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

Mark Jakabcsin wrote: View Post
Interesting posts and thoughts. I agree with upyu that it is better to maintain than to recreate harmony/equilibrium. The above posted exercises are a starting point. Ideally one learns to move so he is always in equilibrium and the internal pressure never changes.
Hi Mark -
Thanks for that. That is quite a tall order, huh? I think (just rephrasing what you said) this points to dynamically equilibrating (i.e. readjustment/dithering) on-the-fly so that you are never put off balance (,internally). An Amazing Standard. Some more thoughts: Does it ever get easier? Or is it always at the extents of reach, skill, balance and power? (I think yes, fwiw. It never gets's just that you can do progressively more and more difficult things. i.e. What was once impossible is now doable, and new things are opened to just barely possible.). Do the skills and body changes plateau (stop?), and then you work on skills with them? I would think not; as I have already been wrong on that account too many times. Anyway; maybe i'll stop there...wondering aloud can get your head chopped off here. Wondering what you think.

What do you see as the pinnacle of these tension things? (aiki?)
I still am not sure I can even see all the puzzle pieces (nevermind actually do them). In fact, after a moment's reflection, I'm sure I don't.

Mark Jakabcsin wrote: View Post
Sometimes we have the need to relate information to other things we think we know. Mistakenly we think this helps us to understand and to learn. Unfortunately this learning approach generally results with the individual think he 'gets it' when really he does not. The end result is no further study and a missed opportunity.
I think you are right. I hope I'm not doing this. But I am afraid I must be to one extent or another. I just hope my mind can be reopened again. My thoughts: Seems a constant process of learning, integrating, and then putting down the useless baggage.
I don't want to miss an opportunity.
Thanks a lot. Have a good day.
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