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Re: loyalty a lost virtue

Brian Northrup wrote: View Post
......hell why even call your intructor Sensei, just call him teacher or by his name, lets take out all of the tradition about the training in AIKIDO, ......
My Sensei is an Aikikai 6th Dan. I was over in Japan visiting his dojo on my annual visit a couple of weeks back. I noticed that hardly anyone called him sensei, most were calling him directly by his name, as they were also doing for a 7th Dan that also heads up the dojo there. I asked him about it and he replied "in this dojo we only use 'sensei' for professional instructors. I'm not a professional instructor, nor is Hamazaki san. We are not teachers, just older students, we practice Aikido together".

I replied that I've been calling him "sensei" for 11 years now, he just laughed. I must admit it feels very strange referring to him by name, but I dare say I'll get with it over time. The path of Aikido is one of adaption and change.

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