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Re: loyalty a lost virtue

Again people are not thourohly reading my post, i have not gossiped i havnt mentioned any names, and i have also talked to the particulars about this situation, and it still doesnt make any sense, what you have to remeber is that this is a concern i feel i can have an opinion about, after all it does concern my dojo, in my city which isnt very big, and having essentialy another dojo open up within a few miles, that i would accept graciously, and actually welcome it if was under the proper guidance.

I will make this my last post on this subject, because we all seem to have a very different view on this subject, and for the most part i am greatly out numbered, which is a shame because i dont see how you can truly train in an art and not try to adhere to all that it should encompass, i geuss we should all take our GI's off, not train in suwari waza, and no more bowing, hell why even call your intructor Sensei, just call him teacher or by his name, lets take out all of the tradition about the training in AIKIDO, maybe i am wrong about this, or maybe i am the only one on here that is correct, that is subject to debate, which has already happened, and i do apprciate the banter, as this is what i asked for, Thanks all

P.S. as far as being higher ranked my Sensei is a 6th dan and the other sensei is a 7th dan, the difference between 50 years of practice, and 40+ years of practice,the only difference, that makes up there rank, oh by the way my Sensei is very close to 7th dan and will probably be promoted so very soon, they are both great men, and Aikidoist or Aikidoka which ever you prefer, and both Senei are a part of the USAF, and being ones teacher is supposed to be a special thing, hence representing a lord type figure of sorts, after all when the Meiji period ended and all the Samurai were no longer needed they went into teaching, for the most part anyway, again thanks

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