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Re: loyalty a lost virtue

I appreciate all the feedback, however i think maybe i didnt explain myself well.

What i was getting at is i dont have a problem with my Sensei's student learning from another instructor, and really loving him and his Aikido, what i have a problem with is him wanting to open up a dojo under this new instructor's guidance, when he has been affiliated with our dojo for about 15 years or so, and earning his sandan under my Sensei.

And as far as the post stating that in the west loyalty isnt followed as much and doesnt need to be is completely wrong. why study an art if you arn't going to follow it completely, and learn all aspects about it i am pretty sure that that is what the word BUDO entails as part of its tenants, and maybe one should look up the word BUSHIDO before making a statement of that kind.

I hope that i wasnt to harsh, but i now know the answere to my question of loyalty in this situation. If my Sensei's student wants to open up a dojo he should do it under the guidance of the man that taught him, learn from as many people as you want, that is the proper thing to do, but have some devotion to the WAY in which you have achieved your present status in AIKIDO or any endeavour you seek. Thank you for your input.
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